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Starter Lessons
This lesson is designed to introduce the complete novice to the basic operation of the vehicle. Learn all about the "Cockpit Drill" and how to operate all the controls before progressing to starting the car, moving off and stopping safely.

Individual Lessons
Every pupil has a different level of learning ability and as such each lesson is designed to be complicit with the rate of learning of the pupil.

Refresher Course
This course is normally designed to help someone who is almost at test standard, but requires some minor improvements. All you need to do is book your practical test date and contact DB Driving, we will then arrange your course to finish with your practical driving test.

Intensive Driving Course
A complete course from beginner to practical driving test. For a complete beginner the course is normally between 30 - 40 hours of tuition concentrated into either one or two weeks. This course requires the pupil to be dedicated due to the short timescale involved. The pupil should have passed their theory test and have a practical test date booked, which has been agreed with the instructor beforehand.

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